Do you need to replace or repair your windshield? You have many choices when it comes to auto glass repair and replacement. Most consumers are not even aware that in some cases they can repair their auto glass rather than replace it, so auto glass replacement is not always your only option.

Broken windshield replacment.

Has this happened to you? You are driving along and suddenly you see and hear some pebbles bounce off your car and windshield. You look at your windshield to see if there are any cracks and to your surprise, you don't see a thing or maybe just a little tiny chip. You are relieved and think you will not need to have your windshield repaired. Then several weeks later you notice that chip turning into a tiny crack... Well, you know what happens next: Over time, that tiny crack keeps getting bigger and bigger until it stretches across your entire windshield. Suddenly you wish you had written down the license plate number of that dump truck in front of you.

Auto Glass Safety

Most people think that a windshield and auto glass in general just protects them from bad weather, bugs and other flying debris. Did you know that a good windshield and the overall quality of your auto glass is a major factor if your airbags are deployed in an accident?

Auto Glass Repair

Finding an auto glass repair shop or windshield replacement company can be overwhelming with so many to choose from. Here a few things to consider:

  • Will they come to you to repair your auto glass?
  • Do they have a streamlined operation and will they deal with your insurance company to cover the cost of the auto glass replacement?
  • Will they use manufactured specifications when installing your windshield or auto glass?

Whatever you decide is your best option when replacing or repairing auto glass, you should expect and demand the right auto glass parts and proper and safe installation of your auto glass or windshield.