Hello. I’m Dr. Craig Barcomb with some important information about one of the most common and costliest mistakes people make after an automobile accident.

Not getting the proper evaluation they should have performed by a properly trained and licensed Physician. Most people listen to the advertisements related to car accidents, and the first thing they do after an automobile accident is to call a lawyer. I don't feel that that's the right thing to do first. Lawyers can’t help with your physical injuries or any associated pain you may experience after an auto collision.

They may be able to help you through some insurance entanglements, but initially you need to be evaluated by a Physician. In the state of Florida, you have 14 days to do that or you won't be eligible for any kind of PIP coverage, which is the Personal Injury Protection provided in your automobile insurance policy. So pick up a phone, and call a licensed physician first.

And that begs the question. What kind of physician should you call? One that specializes in the kinds of injuries commonly caused in car accidents. Injuries to your neck, or upper and lower back. That's what Chiropractic Medicine focuses on. It's involved with treatment of the spine.

As one of the highest rated Chiropractors in the Sarasota area, I’ve successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from car accidents. It’s also important to know I’m the only Gonstead Chiropractor in the area. Not in Sarasota, but in this region of Florida.

So if you or somebody you know has had an automobile accident, do yourself a favor, pick up a phone and dial 941-362-2000. We've been here for over 30 years helping people just like you. At West Coast Spine Center Sarasota, we've got your back.